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Most cats successfully acclimate to CATLINK Scooper

Most cats successfully acclimate to CATLINK Scooper

Leave it turned off

Leave CATLINK turned off to avoid possibly startling your cat while they’re adjusting to it as their new litter box. Once you notice that your cat has used CATLINK, turn it on for a clean cycle. Encourage your cats to be present, so they can observe the mo­tion and become familiar with the sound of CATLINK while you’re there to reassure them.

Stop scooping the old box

Place CATLINK near or next to the old litter box, but don’t throw the old litter box away yet. Add a scoop of the old litter to the new litter in CATLINK to provide a familiar scent for your cat. Gradually make the old litter box less desirable by letting waste accumulate. Cats prefer a clean place to go, so this should motivate your cat to try CATLINK.

Create positive associations

If your cats show no interest, entice them to approach CATLINK by using some catnip or treats. Place treats on the step or around CATLINK so your cat associates rewards with the new litter box. Once your cat has used CATLINK, be sure to reward them with treats, play sessions, and cuddles.

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