Scooper Pro: Premium Litter Box

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Self-Cleaning & Health Caring

  • Never scoop again with CATLINK Scooper. Keep the litter box clean even if you are away on travel.
  • At the same time, CATLINK APP can record your cat's toileting behavior to detect abnormalities and alert you to your pet's urinary health.
Health Report for Each CAT

Health Report For Each Cat

Self-Cleaning Feature

Suitable For Several Cats

Quiet Sifting (~30 DB)

Smart Home App

Multi-User Support

13L Waste Drawer Capacity

UV Light Treatment

Change your life with CATLINK! Free your hands but care more about your furry babies!

Free your hands

Make the pet-care process easier and use technology to protect the health of your cats


CATLINK Water Fountain-Pure2



Let every sip of water your cat drinks be pure water.



1.Unlock the full potential of your product

2.Free app compatible with most of the Apple and Android™ systems

3.Easily pair your mobile device with CATLINK products

4.Keep your products up-to-date with the latest software

Timid tabby? Wet your whiskers risk-free for 1 year

We’re so sure you’ll love a life free of scooping, that we offer a free trial. Don’t love it? Send it back. CATLINK also come with a 1 year warranty

CATLINK: Dumpling's True story - Saving cats' lives

Customer Reviews

I have been recommending to everyone I know with cats. It’s a life changer!!



A self-cleaning Scooper offers many benefits for both cats and pet parents by automatically providing a clean bed of litter every time your cat needs to go. Cats naturally prefer a clean place to do their business and if they’re presented with a dirty scooper, they may go outside the litter box or not go at all—potentially leading to a host of health problems. A self-cleaning scooper like CATLINK eliminates the need for pet parents to have to scoop, saving time and frustration brought on by an unpleasant chore. Additional benefits include better managing odor control, keeping cats’ paws cleaner, and helping reduce litter usage. With CATLINK, you’re not just buying a self-cleaning scooper—you’re getting a better way of life with your cat!

Most cats acclimate to CATLINK just fine. The trick is to ease your cat into the transition. We recommend placing CATLINK near the old litter box without removing the old litter box yet. Take a cup of litter from the old litter box and add it to the clean litter in CATLINK to provide a familiar scent. If you have an increasingly skittish or skeptical kitty, leave CATLINK turned off until you know it’s been used. Read more about how to acclimate your cat.

A self-cleaning scooper will not eliminate 100% of litter box odors. But CATLINK helps significantly reduce typical odors because waste is promptly removed and contained in a fully enclosed drawer below the globe. Additionally, a large carbon filter located in the front of the waste drawer absorbs odors and moisture to discourage mold growth (a major culprit of that telltale litter box smell). This is why CATLINK is a great choice for multiple-cat households.

Not at all! CATLINK doesn’t need special litter or proprietary consumables like several other self-cleaning litter boxes on the market. In fact, CATLINK works well with almost any clumping litter. Litter beads and crystals that are small enough to pass through the screen will also work in CATLINK. Litters that are strictly absorbent, non-clumping, loose-clumping, newspaper-based, or wood-based pellets won’t work with CATLINK, as they interfere with the sifting process.

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