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Does CATLINK SCOOPERS work for any type of cat litter?

CATLINK SCOOPER operates with any clumping litter. 

We recommend our Mars Bentonite cat litter, which is a high-quality, standard-weight clay-based clumping litter. The strictly absorbent, non-clumping or loose-clumping litters, newspaper-based litters, and absorbent wood pellet litter do not work in CATLINK.

Does CATLINK SCOOPERS require special garbage bags?

No, CATLINK SCOOPER doesn't necessitate any specific waste drawer bags or liners. You can use any that fit appropriately.

Check out our custom-fit waste drawer liners in various size packs if you want a no-fuss option. By the way, some liners come free with each SCOOPER. 

Waste bag for SCOOPER luxury Pro / Luxury Pro-X / Young / Young Pro-X

Waste bag for SCOOPER SE

Can kittens use CATLINK SCOOPER?

Kittens weighing 3 lbs 8 oz (1.58 kg) or more and older than 3 months can safely use CATLINK Scoopers in automatic mode. If your kitten does not meet this weight requirement, select MANUAL mode. When you notice your kitten has used SCOOPER, SCOOPER will automatically perform a clean cycle with a single click. This way, your kitten will be safe while getting used to SCOOPER at a young age, and you won't have to scoop the litter box!

Does SCOOPER have a weight limit? 

A cat has to be older than 3 months and weigh between 3 lbs 8 oz and 22 lbs (1.58kg - 10kg) to be able to use CATLINK Scoopers.

What if my cat won't use SCOOPER?

Some tips to eliminate your cat's fear:

  1. Try introducing your cat to their new high-tech litter box next to their old one. This will assist them in understanding its purpose and exploring the possibility of using it as a new bathroom space. Furthermore, keeping your cat's bathroom in the same location reduces confusion and keeps things feeling consistent for them. Hand-clean the automatic litter box (only the first few times).
  2. You can label the new box with their scent. To encourage your kitty to use their new automatic litter box, transfer some of the litter from their old one into the new one. 

Revolutionize Your Cat's Bathroom Experience with CATLINK Smart Litter Box!

Discover the future of feline hygiene with CATLINK smart litter box. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily scooping and welcome a new era of convenience and cleanliness. From automated cleaning to health monitoring features, CATLINK smart litter box brings numerous benefits for both you and your beloved cat.

1. Automated Cleaning, Less Effort: Tired of scooping litter every day? CATLINK smart litter box takes care of that for you! With advanced sensors and timers, it automatically detects your cat's presence and initiates a cleaning cycle. Enjoy more free time and bid farewell to the backbreaking chore of manual cleaning.

2. Odor Control, Fresher Home: No more unpleasant odors lingering around your home! Smart litter boxes come equipped with carbon filters and advanced re-chargeable odor purifier, effectively neutralizing odors before they become an issue. Embrace a fresher and more inviting living space for you and your furry friend.

3. Health Monitoring, Early Detection: Your cat's well-being is a top priority. CATLINK smart litter boxes offer health monitoring features, tracking your cat's bathroom habits and waste output. Any changes in behavior can be early indicators of potential health issues, empowering you to seek timely veterinary care.

4. APP Control, WiFi Connection: Stay informed and connected, even when you're away. With CATLINK app connectivity allow you to monitor your cat's litter box usage remotely. Receive notifications for litter refills and filter changes, ensuring your cat always has a clean and comfortable bathroom.

5. Efficient Litter Management, Save on Supplies: Smart litter boxes use litter more efficiently, removing waste while preserving clean litter. As a result, you'll use less litter, saving money on supplies and reducing waste in the process.

6. Minimize Mess, Maximize Cleanliness: Wave goodbye to litter spills and tracking around your house. The automated cleaning process minimizes mess, leaving your home cleaner and more hygienic for both you and your cat.

7. Multi-Cat Friendly, Accommodate All Your Feline Friends: Got multiple cats? No problem! CATLINK smart litter box scooper pro can handle multiple users, distinguishing each cat's presence and usage patterns separately. Keep track of all your furry companions with ease.