CATLINK EcoSystem Set Young Pro-X


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Make cat care easier and smarter with CATLINK EcoSystem Set.

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Scooper: Scooper Young Pro-X
Feeder: Fresh 2 - Luxury
Water Fountain: Water Fountain - Wireless
Product Details

Better pet care starts with CATLINK EcoSystem. Connect scooper, feeder, and water fountain to the CATLINK App to monitor your pet’s toilet, eating and drinking habits.

• A Comprehensive System for Your Cat's Wellbeing
• Remote control and health monitoring with CATLINK APP
• Comes with 1 year full warranty, and FREE US shipping on all orders


Dimension: 23.62" x 22.83" x 27.95"
Globe Capacity: 57L
Waste Drawer Capacity: 13L
Suitable for cats weighing between 3 lbs 8 oz to 22 lbs

Feeder Fresh 2:
Dimension: 13.78" x 7.68" x 14.17"
Material: HIPS, Ceramic bowl
Food storage: 3.5L
Applicable scope: Cats or small dogs

Pet Feeder:
Dimension: 9.45" x 9.45" x 6.1"
Material: ABS, Ceramic bowl
Applicable scope: Cats or small dogs

Water Fountain:
Dimension: 7.48" x 7.48" x 9.53"
Material: Resin
Capacity: 2.6L / 91.7oz

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Scooper: Scooper Young Pro-X
Feeder: Fresh 2 - Luxury
Water Fountain: Water Fountain - Wireless
No More Scooping

No More Scooping

Once the cats are done in the litter box, the rolling sifting process immediately separating their waste from the clean litter.

Never Miss a Fedding

Never Miss a Fedding

Never worry about your cat missing a meal again! Keep your furry friend well-fed even when you're not around.

One Cat One Bowl

One Cat One Bowl

Provide individualized feeding for every cat with their exclusive feeder, complete with personalized and nourishing meals. No chance for other pets to snatch a nibble.

Fresh Water All the Time

Fresh Water All the Time

Filtration after pumping to make sure every slip is safe and free from secondary contamination.

Easy to Set Up

Easy to Set Up

Fully assembled for instant usability! Unpack the box, plug it in, and add cat litter - you're all set!

Remote Control with APP

Remote Control with APP

Track food and water levels, schedule meal times.

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

Real time cat feeding and drinking activities monitoring.


Does CATLINK SCOOPERS work for any type of cat litter?

CATLINK SCOOPER operates with any clumping litter. 

We recommend our Mars Bentonite cat litter, which is a high-quality, standard-weight clay-based clumping litter. The strictly absorbent, non-clumping or loose-clumping litters, newspaper-based litters, and absorbent wood pellet litter do not work in CATLINK.

Does CATLINK SCOOPERS require special garbage bags?

No, CATLINK SCOOPER doesn't necessitate any specific waste drawer bags or liners. You can use any that fit appropriately.

Check out our custom-fit waste drawer liners in various size packs if you want a no-fuss option. By the way, some liners come free with each SCOOPER. 

Waste bag for SCOOPER luxury Pro / Luxury Pro-X / Young / Young Pro-X

Waste bag for SCOOPER SE

Can kittens use CATLINK SCOOPER?

Kittens weighing 3.3 pounds or more can use SCOOPER in automatic mode safely. If your kitten does not meet this weight requirement, select MANUAL mode. When you notice your kitten has used SCOOPER, SCOOPER will automatically perform a clean cycle with a single click. This way, your kitten will be safe while getting used to SCOOPER at a young age, and you won't have to scoop the litter box!

Does SCOOPER have a weight limit? 

Suitable for cats weighing 3.3 lb-22.05 lb (1.5 kg-10 kg).

What happens if my cat tries to enter the globe while it is rotating?

The litter box ensures complete safety with its radars, infrared sensors, and anti-pinch features. If it detects a cat during operation, it stops immediately to prevent injury. The stable, ventilated design adds further protection, and any issues trigger app alerts via self-detection.

How much water can CATLINK PURE-2 hold?

The maximum capacity of the barrel of the ultrafiltration smart water fountain PURE-2 is 2.6L (the water level reaches the MAX line).

What is ultrafiltration filter?

The ultrafiltration filter element is preferably a high-quality hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. Its pore size only allows water molecules, beneficial minerals and trace elements in the water to pass through. It is currently known that the smallest bacteria in the world have a volume of 0.2 microns, so bacteria are much larger than bacteria The colloid, rust suspended matter, sediment, macromolecular organic matter, etc. can be intercepted by the ultrafiltration membrane, thus realizing the purification process.

How often should I change the filter?

The total water purification capacity of the ultrafiltration filter element is 90L. According to the daily drinking habits of cats, we recommend that the filter element needs to be replaced once every 3 months.

What type of battery to choose for the spare battery of the feeder?

The backup power supply of the Feeder Fresh 2 needs to use 4 AAA batteries.

The RFID Feeder uses 4 AA batteries

How big is the food storage bucket of the Feeder Fresh 2?

The capacity of the bucket of the feeder is 4L, and it can hold 2.5-3 kg of cat food at most (depending on the type of cat food). According to the cat’s normal daily diet of 80-100g, it can last for one month.

How big is the bowl of the RFID Feeder and how much cat food can it hold?

The single bowl of the feeder is 200ml, and the two bowls have a total capacity of 400ml.