Special Price

If you need ergonomic products in quantity, we offer you different special prices depending on the quantity.

Easy Construction

Our products are easy to assemble, so you can do it alone or with friends. For other questions, please contact our customer service.

After-Sale Support

We will provide dedicated after-sale support for you. Therefore, you don't need to worry. We will teach you carefully how to use our products and how to fix a machine when it goes down.

Reliable Quality

The machines are made by us, which guarantees you high quality and professional competence of the products.

Sales Training

We will offer you customer service training as well as all the corporate and product promotional materials. We will try our best to help our distributors.

Zone Protection

We have special tech to protect you from vicious rivalry. The products we sold can only be working in specific countries or regions. In this way, you have the right to price the product in your zone.

Distributor Network

Until 2022, CATLINK have expanded business among 93 countries and regoins

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CATLINK Distributor CATLINK Distributor


CATLINK was established


CATLINK SCOOPER released, the world's first Al voice-controlled smart cat litter box


CATLINK entered Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam


CATLINK "Dumpling's True Story" adapted from real customer stories


CATLINK officially entered the US market


CATLINK Water Fountain redefining the concept of "Link Everything for Car's Life"


CATLINK entered Europe market


CATLINK entered Australia market and started cooperation with Costco


CATLINK entered South America market


CATLINK SCOOPER ranked first in the category on Amazon during the Black Friday

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Pet Stores


Our Team

In December 2017, a group of technology enthusiasts came together to support the pet health ecosystem by develop ing and connecting pets and pet lovers with high-tech products. This marked the beginning of CATLINK.

So far, the CATLINK team has expanded from a 10-person team to a 100-person team. Starting in 2018 with the R&D and supply chain teams, and now with the addition of the marketing department, brand department, operations department, and after-sales service department, CATLINK's strength has become increasingly solid. And every team member upholds the values of integrity, humility, innovation, and responsibility, working together to support the brand's development.

We also believe that CATLINK's future will be even better, and we hope that CATLINK can bring convenience and value to pet lovers.

Certificates & Patents

The full range of products have certificates that meet international standards, including CE, FCC, WEEE, ROHS, RCM, SGS, KC, etc.

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Please kindly fill the distributor application form below, we will contact you for more business cooperation details as soon as possible. Or email us at business@catlink.cn