CATLINK Smart Pet Dryer - Pro

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Experience the ultimate in pet care with the CATLINK Smart Pet Dryer. Designed with both comfort and safety in mind, this ultra-quiet dryer ensures a stress-free drying experience for your furry friend.

• Stress free with silent start and low noise operation
• Ultimate comfort and safety
• Quick drying in as little as 30 minutes
• 65L Large space
• Comes with 1 year full warranty, and FREE US shipping on all orders


Height: 19.17" (48.7cm)
Width: 17.64" (44.8cm)
Depth: 18.82" (47.8cm)
Internal Capacity: 65L
Operating Temperature: 59 - 95ºF (15 - 35ºC)
Negative Ion Concentration: 10 million / cm³
Item Weight: 20 pounds

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65 L

large space

40 dB

quiet drying


warm air circulation

39º C

(102º F) gradual warmth

30 mins

quick drying

Silent Start, Stress Free

Noise-free start to keep your pets relaxed. 40 dB in prevention drying mode, gentle and low noise.

Ultimate Comfort and Safety with Gradual Warmth

Gradually and uniformly increase the drying temperature and efficiency for a comfortable and pet-safe drying experience.

Quick Drying in As Little As 30 Minutes

1600 high-speed motor for a quick and quiet drying.

App Operation for Multiple Protection

Control operating temperature, time, and speed settings with CATLINK APP.

Stress-Prevention Mode

Silent start to reduce the risk of stress for pets.

6-sided Warm Air Circulation

Bottom air outlet and six-sided circulating warm air ensure coverage from every angle.

Endless Fresh Air

With a built-in dual circulation fresh air system.

65L Large Space

Cozy for all cats.

Millions of Negative Ions

Lock in moisture, promote lasting shine and minimize heat damage.

Traps Loose Hair with the Internal Filter

Say goodbye to mess and hassle!

Multiple Safety Protection Components

Every Detail Matters

Tempered Glass

Explosion-proof and scratch-resistant.

Full-swing Door

Easy access.

Detachable Base Plate

Effortless maintenance.

Soft Lighting

Convenient drying monitoring.


What are the differences between the pro and standard versions of the pet drying box?

The difference between the pro and standard versions is mainly: the pro drying box supports app Bluetooth pairing, app temperature control, app wind volume control, and app time control. The standard does not have these features. All other functions are the same.

Why you should choose CATLINK Smart Pet Dryer.

Low-noise drying to prevent stress, 65L large internal space, negative ions to smooth fur, ozone deodorization and sterilization, app temperature/wind control, internal and external dual circulation fresh air, and a precision filter to remove fur.

What size pets is the pet drying box suitable for? What are the internal and external dimensions?

The drying box is recommended for cats under 44 pounds. The internal dimensions are (436*412*363mm) and the external dimensions are (487*478*448mm).

What is the drying time of the pet drying box in different modes?

In quick mode: short hair takes about 30 minutes, and long hair takes about 60 minutes. In comfort mode: short hair takes about 60 minutes, and long hair takes about 90 minutes.

What is the weight limit for pets using the pet drying box? Can it be returned if it is not suitable?

Our drying box is generally suitable for pets under 44 pounds. If the pet exceeds this weight, it depends on the overall size. You can purchase it first, and if there are any issues, we can offer a return and refund.

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