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★★★★★ 5.0

This is a life changer!

Are you tired of scooping a cat litter box? Well look no further with the new CATLINK AI litter box. This is a life changer!

- Katie

★★★★★ 5.0

My litter kitty loves it as well!

Gone are the days of scooping kitty litter and not only I am happy but my litter kitty loves it as well!

- Renea

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Amazing automatic litter box!

First off, it comes fully assembled! The pro is a great size (my cat is about 9.5 pounds). The step definitely helps too. Has an app that is easy to navigate and was easy to setup! Took my cat several days to actual use it. Tip: add some litter from a previous litter box for their scent if your cat is skeptical like mine. Now she’s been using it frequently! It has been great, no issues! Pretty quiet when cleaning.

On point shipping notifications

At 1st, I was bummed that I couldn't find these products on Amazon. Luckily the vendor has them on their main website. The shipping notifications gave me a peace of mind along with the free shipping. I appreciate the system used to process my order. Thank you Cat Link.


Love this product!

Excellent Customer Service and Product

To never have to scoop again is a dream. Had device since April and stand by it. Had a couple issues with the litter sifter grid but company was responsive with replacement part to get back on track. Highly recommend!! It's bliss! Welcome to the brighter side of litter poop

If you have a picky or dumb cat, do not get

I have two cats and one of them uses it all the time, the other one is picky/dumb and cannot figure out how to use the thing so instead he pees on rugs. I am guessing it needs to be slightly bigger for him but if he would face out of the hole instead of smashing his face into the back of the litter box he wouldnt have any issues. Either way its a pretty good item, I just have a stupid cat.

So far so good

So far, This is working like it’s supposed to. My cats took to it pretty good.

Amazing litter box and support team

I bought this product over a year and a half ago, and when it started malfunctioning, I contacted the support team. They were prompt and walked me through every step to possibly clear the malfunction, when it didn’t work, they sent me a replacement completely free!! I loved this litter box and truthfully was upset, but would have bought another one anyway just because it’s such a good and easy product to use. I highly recommend this product and their company!

Good litter box, better with ramp

 My cat Kuro is very shy and cautious. It took him more than one week to get used to this new litter box. He even pee on the corner when I first dispose his original litter box. So be sure to give enough time for your cat to get use to this machine. It works perfectly. If your cat is small size as my cat, I strongly recommend you to buy this ramp cause it will help them get inside of the litter box easier and collect most of the litter pellets when they getting out of the litter box.

No regrets !

I recently acquired a 2nd cat, and keeping up with the litter box was a chore. I splurged and purchased this automatic litter box, so far no regrets. Be advised it is huge, and be prepared to have the proper location for it, but is does work well. The cleaning cycle is quiet, however my older cat is still very wary of it. I found unplugging it for extended period of times allows her to use it and not be frightened when it self cleans, and she is slowly adjusting. I think in a few days there will be no issues and I can use it on automatic. I tried to download the app, however could not find an English version. App is not really needed anyway.

Make my life easier !

The product is excellent and totally worth it ! No worries about odd smells any more, and no more scooping! It is easy to use and it very quiet! Love it!


I love this thing! My cats do too! I hated going down stairs to clean the litter box so I would leave it for as long as possible. Litter boxes are the worst thing about having cats. This is worth the price!

Good quality

Perfect for our Catlink box. Easy to use.

Life saver.

My cats used this immediately and they love it. Its keeping the cat pee smell away! It’s knows what cat is in the unit and sends me notifications. My cats also like to watch it clean once they leave it.

Works great as long as there is no power outage

Only downside is the requirement for power and wifi which became very clear with the storms in the midwest. A bit on the pricy side but the app is very useful.

Just buy it!

I bought this unit back in May, so 2 months of use. This thing is a game changer, I have 2 cats, 20 pounds each, I empty the bag every 4-5 days. Takes about 30 seconds. The "litter box" smell is gone. Cannot recommend this enough.

Great service

My order came as advertised

Love it so far!

 We have a 7 month old in the house, and with him getting more mobile, we really wanted to limit any exposure to litter that he might encounter when he strays crawling. I was going to buy the Litter Robot 4, but saw that this was a comparable unit and a couple of hundred dollars cheaper. It looks well built and so far has done its job. The app definitely needs work, whenever the box is during a rotation it disconnects from the app. I’ve contacted customer support with questions and they’re very prompt, always a good sign! Subtracting one star because sometimes the cycle misses a poop nugget and the app needs work. I also wasn’t a fan of the litter catching step costing an extra $99 bucks, so I went to Michael’s and made my own!

Works great, but WiFi set up needs updated

The machine works well, but the Wifi use requires a password with numbers and letters only. I'm not going to change my Wifi password for one item, so I can't use the app.

No more scoops and odors

 I bought this Catlink automatic scooper since one week and I love it so far. At first my cats were a little confused with this but I use the litter that they had in the other box and the smell guide them to a new equipment and for now everything is working well, no odors and my cats are happy with their new litter box. At the beginning I had a little struggle with my phone number in order to register the application but I contacted customer service and they help me to fix it, I have to say that for now I love customer service too.

Made everyone's life better

Not only me but my cats are happier. They have a constantly clean litter box now! It is pricey but totally worth it! I have 4 cats and trying to get anyone to help with the litter box was a pain. This has changed everything. With 4 cats I only need to change the bag once every 5 to 6 days! You get 3 very big rolls of the bags in the box. I wasn't expecting that at all. I won't need to buy any until next year probably. I have had this for I think around 6 weeks or so now. I love everything about it! The app is ok, was a bit confusing and I don't use it much. I think if you had the collars for each cat that can pair with it then it woukd be more useful. But I am 100% satisfied with my purchase!! I recommend it to everyone! I looked at different ones that are similar for a few weeks. Just get this one if you can't decide what one to get! It is quiet when working and there is ZERO smell!!

Needed step

Thank goodness I ordered the step. My cats are new to clumping litter and I have grit on the floor around the scooper. Can’t imagine what it would be without the step. I use the compartment in the step to store new bags. That works out nicely

Life is much better

Really do give it 5 stars. Purchased this a few weeks ago and it works great. We have 5 cats so scooping the litter box was done 3 times or more each day At first the cats were not having it, but after being stuck in the house for a day they started using it. Now I just pull the bag every few days and replenish the litter every two weeks; sometimes more often depending on weather. No smell either...this has been great especially when we are out for the weekend. Well worth the price.

No cleaning litter box for two weeks

First, to be honest, I had trouble setting this up. Do what they say and get it near your router just to connect the WiFi. I also had a couple of issues with setting the weight. You don’t have to be that precise. It’s helping to establish weighing the cat function.

When I had the set up issues, I emailed the company. They were very kind and understanding. They actually appreciated my comments as it helps them when working with the US market. They got me through the set up and now, I am so glad to have it. I usually change litter ( one cat) every two weeks.

The review is on the unit. I want to also comment on a couple of things….
1. The hight is really tall for the cat to get in and the atair attachment I think is too expensive. I have an unopened box of litter laid flat to act like a stair.
2. Every now and then, the “warning” light ( or whatever it’s called) goes off. Could be internet went down. It’s a good idea to create a quick tips sheet from the instruction booklet. I can never remember what to push to restart!

Oh… and FYI … when it says EMPTY and you push the button, it’s going to empty all the litter. I made the mistake of thinking it meant time to empty the drawer!

Life is better with catlink

I appreciate the scooper pro for making my life easier. My two cats view the scooper in motion as if it was tv drama. They adapted to it in two days. I had a concern that the drum was saying inadequate litter. The support link was quick to give me step by step instructions of what to do and the next day they emailed to see if the problem was solved. So far I’m pleased!

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