CATLINK is an intelligent pet care brand founded in 2017, the company is committed to building an internet of things ecosystem where people,things and pets could connect with each other. Product research and development are conducted totally based on the actual needs of cats and their parents. CATLINK SCOOPERS has been raning top 1 in the smart cat litter box's category in Asia.

CATLINK is created to link everything for cats in the very beginning, we have 3 cats in our office, they are the members of the designers of all CATLINK products. The love for cats is the motivation behind of CATLINK brand.

Most of the smart pet items in the market only make it convient for humans to rasie cats, as the electronic products will help us dealing with the feeding, watering, and scooping automatically. Well, convenience is generally seen as a good thing, alleviating problems and saving you time. But at some point you cross a line and it will be so easy for you to ignore your pets. For example, if you scooping the waste everyday for your cats, you will be able to know if she or he is suffering digestive problems, but with the smart cat litter boxes, you may only check the waste boxes once a week. It’s long enough to make a cat die due to the digestive diseases.

The highlight is that with CATLINK, the food intake, drinking intake as well as the excretion of each cat will keep been observed and recorded automatically. Based on that, CATLINK App will generate visualization charts for each cat for 24 hours, 7 days, and 12 months.

Based on the comparison of average data, it will remind you in time while your pets need your attention. For example, the food intake and drinking intake just keep the same or less, but the times and duration of excretion is more or longer, CATLINK App will send you an message and suggest you to check the situation of this cat.

In 2020, more than 100,000 people has been using CATLINK APP, and fourty million health reminder have been forwarded.

We will keep focusing on the R&D and bring more great products.

Wish every cat will be loved.