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CATLINK, an intelligent cat-care brand established in 2017, is dedicated to creating a smart pet ecosystem that fosters seamless connections between people, pets, and their belongings. Our product research and development revolve around the real-life needs of cats and their caring parents. Among our esteemed products, the self-cleaning litter box stands proudly at the forefront of the global rankings.


Our mission at CATLINK is to simplify and enrich the lives of both cats and their owners by automating essential aspects of cat-care. With a team of cat parents who understand the unique needs of felines and their human companions, we are committed to bringing ease and joy to every aspect of cat ownership.


At CATLINK, we go beyond mere convenience by offering comprehensive solutions. Our products not only automate feeding, drinking, and stool scooping processes but also actively monitor and record behavior data like drinking, feeding or toileting. Through the CATLINK app, cat owners gain access to detailed visualization charts, presenting a 24/7/365 overview of their cat's activities and health status.

Real Time Monitoring

CATLINK products offer health monitoring features, tracking your cat's bathroom habits and waste output. Any changes in behavior can be early indicators of potential health issues, empowering you to seek timely veterinary care.

Cat-Care Process Contributing

We are thrilled to announce that CATLINK products have successfully reached 42 countries, earning the trust of over 2,000 pet hospitals and esteemed catteries. The CATLINK App has been delivering nearly 300 million health reports to a vast network of 200,000 registered cats and registering hundreds of cat rescue cases.

Continuous Innovation

Our dedicated team remains steadfast in its commitment to Research & Development, constantly striving to introduce innovative and exceptional products.

Join us on this transformative journey, as we work hand in hand with the cat-loving community to ensure that every cat receives the care it deserves, leading to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.