CATLINK Self Cleaning Litter Box - Scooper Pro
CATLINK Self Cleaning Litter Box - Scooper Pro
CATLINK Self Cleaning Litter Box - Scooper Pro
CATLINK Self Cleaning Litter Box - Scooper Pro
CATLINK Self Cleaning Litter Box - Scooper Pro
CATLINK Self Cleaning Litter Box - Scooper Pro
CATLINK Self Cleaning Litter Box - Scooper Pro
CATLINK Self Cleaning Litter Box - Scooper Pro


CATLINK Self Cleaning Litter Box - Scooper Pro

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Never scoop again with the highest-rated WiFi-enabled, automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats.

Since 2020, more than 100,000 people used the CATLINK App, and forty million health reminders were forwarded.

Scooper:Luxury Pro

Customer Reviews

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Gabriella Fell
Works wonders

Setup was pretty easy, though I do have it in the same room as my router. I have two cats, and sometimes it says the wrong cat was in the litter box, but that doesn’t really bother me. I’ve had it up and running for two weeks. I’ve cleaned out the tray twice with no issues. So far I’m very happy.

great experience

It has been worth it in my opinion, I am often away because of my work, and when I come back home, there is no smell and I have a clean litter box. I have a very sensitive cat, every time its litter box isnot clean, he would poop on the carpet, thats why this has been very helpful for us. my cat is also 15lbs so i love how big it is.
Customer service is very fast in responding to inquiries. I love how they treat their customers with care. It is pricey but it is a great investment since its going to be used in the long run.

Clark Sun
Never scoop again

Is it worth the price? If you love your cats but hate scooping, it is totally worth the price. I've been using the Litter Box for several days. It is amazing! My cats adapted immediately! As you can see from the video, they were intrigued and drawn to the box (more like circle)
I don't need to scoop anymore, the litter box will do it for me. It gently spins to scoop and the whole process is very quiet. No need to worry about any noise. All i need to do is change the garbage bag regularly and beyond that just add a small amount of litter on occasion. If my cat enters the box while the device is running, the litter box will stop spinning. Very safe.
Smell? HUGE reduction in smell. Almost non existent. Maybe a hint of smell after he uses it, but overall its a massive improvement in smell.
All in all, it works very well and we have had no trouble with it at all.
If you actually like your cat, you should have no reason to not buy this litter box if you want to simplify your life and eliminate odor.
This is my smartest purchase on CATLINK so far !

Marla Greer

It's been 14 days so far and it is very quiet and no problems

Life changing

We absolutely love this litter system. We especially love the sleek and neutral design to match our decor. It fits easily into our normal litter space in the laundry room. We also love that we can still use our normal litter. The app that works with our smart phone is so helpful to let us know everything is working ok. The system is unbelievably quiet and the light inside is a nice touch. We highly recommend this litter system and wish we had one sooner. Our kitty took to the new system within 24 hours. We first let her curiosity run it's course and for her to try it out before putting it in the normal litter spot. The instructions were very easy to understand with additional instructions on the Catlink app which was also fairly easy to follow and set up. We had a few issues on our end setting up the wifi but we have both frequencies of wifi so once we read to use that, the set up went smooth. They gave us so many rolls of bags for the litter drawer which is appreciated. I can't believe I don't have to scoop daily anymore. We highly recommend this litter system.

CATLINK Do Care About You and Your Cat!

CATLINK: Not only free the cat parents' hands, but also proactive care for cat's lifelong health.

  • For cat parents:
    • Provide hands-free service, including scooping and changing litters
    • No more bad odor
    • Remote take care of your cats anytime, anywhere
  • For cat:
    • Provide a cleaner happier toileting environment
    • Track cats’ weight and litterbox behavior
    • Health report & unique profile for each cat
    • Talk for cats about their health risk

Your Cat’s Toilet Behaviour Can Tell You A Lot About Their Health.

CATLINK litter box - pro luxery works on these 3 steps to help cat owners identify cat health problems early.

  • PERCERIVE the behavious of your cats
  • RECORD and generate a report for each cat
  • ALERT cat parents when abnormal behavior happened

About connecting to wifi


  • Please place the litter box as close to the router as possible, and make sure the litter box is powered on.
  • Please authorize the location information, and the Android phone also needs to turn on GPS.
  • Please note that the WIFI name can only contain letters and numbers, so as not to affect the distribution network.
  • Please use 2.4GHz WIFI, 5GHz WIFI is not supported, as well as hotels, airports, etc. that require special certification of WIFI


Since 2017, more than 80,000 cat parents in more than 40 countries around the world have used CATLINK to live an easier happier life with their cats.. During this process, CATLINK fully considered the issue of safety and upgraded the safety system several times.

So far, there have been NO accidents involving cats.

Attention: If the ERROR & LOCK indicator is flashing, it means that the cat has triggered the safe mode of the litter box, After confirming that the cat is safe, press the SETTING button on APP, CATLINK Automatic cat litter box will return to working mode.

Remote Take Care Of Your Cats

-Monitor of environmental factors in the toilet in real time

-Check the cat litter remaining amount

-Adjust the litter box cleaning plan

Fit For Multi-Cats Family

-Create a profile to aggregate all information for each cat

-Identify, differentiate and record the daily behavior data of each cat in your family.

Intuitive Visualization Report

-Available 24-Hour / 7-Day / 12-Month Report

-Chart visualizations of behavior records