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About CATLINK’S Self Cleaning Scooper

About CATLINK’S Self Cleaning Scooper

Catlink’s automatic litter box, comes with all accessories. All replacement parts will be available in CATLINK Stores

  • Catlink’s Automatic Litter Box is Suitable for cats between 1.5kg-10kg (3.3lb-44lb).
  • Please make sure that the litter box is placed on a flat surface. DO NOT lean against any objects. DO NOT place any objects on top of the unit.
  • 4 GHz WiFi supported only. No 5GHz is supported

What’s in the package?

The CATLINK’s self cleaning scooper includes:

  • User Manual
  • X2 Activated carbon odor removal filters
  • X3 Waste drawer roll liners
  • 12V 2A Power Cable
  • X2 ball cabin filters: 1 filter is suitable for regular bentonite based cat litter, the other filter is suitable for Mixed litter (Clumping & Tofu based litter)

A cleaner waste drawer

The Sealing Strip prevents odors spreading

Replaceable activated carbon filters. The filters help to reduce odors from the

waste drawer

Note: The carbon filters are placed in the waste drawer, we recommend to sun-dry them every other month and change them quarterly.

CATLINK Automatic Scooper Features:

Litter Box for a Multi-Cat Family: Catlink’s automated cat litter box detects and recognizes different cats, it records the toilet information of each cat.

App Control & Data Reports: With Catlink’s App, cat owners can check the  ambient temperature and humidity,  and remotely control  the litter box at any time. Cat owners can check a 24-hour record and 7-Day/12-Month health graphics report .One Litter box supports multi-users at the same time.

100% Safe for Cats: Integrated radars such as infrared sensors, gravity sensors, anti-pinch infrared sensors, self-detection sensors, abnormal alerts through the Catlink’s app,  and a ventilated and inverted triangle stable structure design, will make sure that no cats get hurt.

Three Self-Cleaning Modes: Auto-cleaning Mode, Scheduled-cleaning Mode and One-click cleaning Mode. Remote app control or panel control. In addition, there is a one-key litter dropping function, which is convenient for changing the cat litter and cleaning the ball bin.

Double Odor Removal: Our re-chargeable odor purifier (optional) and carbon filter effectively eliminate unpleasant odors, formaldehyde and ammonia. The removal rate is up to 90% or more.

Thoughtful Design:  Catlink’s Litter Box has a build-in smart illumination feature, which will help elderly cats with poor eyesight. The Do Not Disturb mode will ensure a quite environment for cat keepers. Our panel lock feature will prevent pets or children from accidental touch.

Specifications: The size of the automatic litter box is 23.62*22.83*27.95 inch, the cylinder box’s capacity is 6L and the waste box’s 13L.It fits. The litter box can hold cats from 3.3lb to 22lb, we do not recommend this product for underweight kittens.

Note: At this time, CATLINK’s smart litter box is only suitable for clumping cat litter. The cat litter should not exceed the max level line mark in the cylinder box. If there are any problems, please contact customer service and provide the serial and order number

Easy to clean Cat Litter Box

Forget about the scooping and get a more pleasant self-cleaning experience. Our automatic cat litter box will make your cat’s life easier & healthier, the automated sifting process separates the cat’s waste from the clean litter!

4 cleaning modes

CATLINK’s scooper has four different modes, suitable for cats and cat parents.

  • Auto: self-cleaning will begin once the cat leaves the litter box and the delay time (3 min by default) finishes.
  • Manual: Press the play button to start or stop the cleaning process.
  • Empty: Press the play button to empty the litter box’s cabin.
  • Timing mode (it requires WiFi connection): cat owners can set a cleaning time frame

The best self-cleaning cat litter box for odor control

CATLINK’s litter box uses carbon activated filters that handle bad odors

Our litter robot app supports multiple users and cats and cat be remotely operated. All of your cats will be interconnected through CATLINK’s app.

Smart Cat App reports

CATLINK App will compare the gathered data to obtain the cat’s toileting behavior average report and remind the owners when they need to pay attention to their cat’s health. In 2020 more than 100,000 people used the CATLINK App, and forty million health reminders were forwarded. Technology is an extension of the human senses, therefore, we make sure our products are not only smart but conscious about  a cat’s needs: CATLINK’s self-cleaning litter box has a multi-cat recognition and monitoring feature that keep tracks of every cat’s toileting pattern.

We wish the best for every cat!

CATLINK’s automatic cat litter box is the best cat litter box for a cat’s health. In October 15, 2020, the CATLINK team detected an eating abnormality in Prince’s feeding patterns (one of the CATLINK’s team cats) through the feeding data detection of the CATLINK App. The “big belly king” Prince, who eats 3oz of food every day, had been eating less than one ounce of food for two consecutive days. Thanks to the app early warning, Prince visited the vet on time and avoided any digestive diseases he could have gotten.

A healthier cat is a happier cat

Our smart app reports are the best to track your cat’s health. In October 16, 2020, Thai user Kanda (who owns 18 cats), identified a strange urinary pattern in one of her cats, by using the CATLINK’s App report feature she noticed that the cat “Dumpling” increased its toileting rate, going from 2-3 times a day to more than 10 times in a single day; Kanda took Dumpling to the vet and saved her lovely cat from getting a kidney failure, the vet said that if Kanda hadn’t taken the cat to the clinic that day, it would have suffer severe kidney damage.

“Today I would like to thank CATLINK for saving our cat Dumpling...”

After Dumpling got out of danger, Mrs. Kanda and her husband wrote a thank-you letter to the CATLINK team. The letter was less than a thousand words, but the sincere gratitude of the user and the importance of saving her cat's life has motivated the CATLINK team to continue pursuing their dream: to link all the cat-care processes to a single network so they and their parents can enjoy a better, healthier, and longer life together.

As of today, CATLINK series have been sold in 42 countries around the globe,  more than 2,000 pet hospitals and experienced catteries in China use CATLINK products. Since 2019, the CATLINK App has provided nearly 300 million health reports to 200,000 registered cats around the world, registering hundreds of cat rescue cases. CATLINK’s goal is to: LINK all the cat-care processes to a single network so they and their parents can enjoy a better, healthier, and longer life together!

CATLINK cares about cats and their owners

CATLINK not only makes cat parent’s life easier but also helps them to take care of their cat’s health. For cat parents CATLINK provides a hands-free service, including scooping and litter replacement; the best cat litter robot for odor control, activated carbon filters reduce the cat’s stool smell. The smart cat app provides a remote care service for cats at every moment and everywhere. CATLIKNK self-cleaning scooper helps cats to have a cleaner and better toileting experience; cats can get their weight and litter box usage behavior; the litter box app creates a detailed health report and unique profile for each cat, and it also shows the cat’s health risks through the recorded data.

CATLINK helps you to learn more about your cats

CATLINK’s smart scooper  has sensors that identify and record each cat’s weight and toilet data; the CATLINK app tracks the cat’s toileting rate and it alerts cat parent when abnormal behaviors happen.

WiFi connection tips

  • Please place the litter box as close to the router as possible, and make sure the litter box is powered on.
  • Please authorize the location information for the app, Android phones need to turn the GPS on.
  • Please note that the WIFI’s name can only contain letters and numbers, so as not to affect the distribution network.
  • Please use 2.4GHz WIFI, 5GHz WIFI is not supported, as well as hotels, airports and other places that require special WIFI certification.

Remote care for your cats

The CATLINK app allows cat parents to live-monitor their cats during toileting time, check the remaining cat litter amount and adjust the litter box cleaning plan.

Unique Profile for each cat

The CATLINK app creates a profile for each cat, the app will identify, differentiate and record the daily toileting behavior of every cat in your family.

Multiple-safety protection device

CATLINK’s self-cleaning cat litter robot has three foundations when it comes to security:

Prevention: There are 4 types of sensors that will make the scooper’s rotation to stop whenever a cat enters the bin to prevent any injuries. A panel lock feature will prevent accidental touch and the litter box’s smart pyramid design will hold the unit together.

Alerts: abnormality reports through the app.

Safe design: the cat litter box’s inside and the waste drawer have a non-closed design that is also ventilated. This will prevent any trapped cats from suffocation.


Since 2017, more than 80,000 cat parents in more than 40 countries around the world have used CATLINK to live an easier and happier life with their cats. During this process, CATLINK has upgraded the safety system several times.

So far, there have been NO accidents involving cats.

Please note: If the ERROR & LOCK indicator is flashing, it means that the cat has triggered the litter box’s  safe mode, After confirming that the cat is safe, press the app’s  SETTING button, so CATLINK’s litter box can return to working mode.

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