Water Fountain PURE-2

How much water can CATLINK PURE-2 hold?

The maximum capacity of the barrel of the ultrafiltration smart water fountain PURE-2  is 2.6L (the water level reaches the MAX line).

What is ultrafiltration filter?

The ultrafiltration filter element is preferably a high-quality hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. Its pore size only allows water molecules, beneficial minerals and trace elements in the water to pass through. It is currently known that the smallest bacteria in the world have a volume of 0.2 microns, so bacteria are much larger than bacteria The colloid, rust suspended matter, sediment, macromolecular organic matter, etc. can be intercepted by the ultrafiltration membrane, thus realizing the purification process.

How often should I change the filter?

The total water purification capacity of the ultrafiltration filter element is 90L. According to the daily drinking habits of cats, we recommend that the filter element needs to be replaced once every 3 months.

How much noise does the PURE-2 make when it is working?

The wireless water pump is lower than 30 decibels when working in water.

May I ask if the cat is at risk of electric shock when drinking water from PURE-2?

The PURE-2 adopts the separation of water and electricity, which completely eliminates the risk of electric shock when cats drink water.

What is the water storage capacity of the water storage dish?

The water storage capacity of the water storage plate is 110ml.

Can PURE-2 turn off the indicator light?

PURE-2 cannot turn off the lights, and the lights will be turned off automatically only in night mode.