CATLINK Feeding Set


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Experience the ultimate convenience in pet care with the CATLINK Feeding Set.

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Feeder Fresh 2: Fresh 2 - Luxury
RFID Feeder: RFID Feeder
Product Details

Simplify your pet's mealtime with the CATLINK Feeder Set. Combining the Automatic Feeder Fresh 2 and the RFID Feeder, this set offers precise, portion-controlled feeding.

• Easily manage and monitor feeding schedules through the CATLINK app for a hassle-free experience
• Comes with 1 year full warranty, and FREE US shipping on all orders


Feeder Fresh 2:
Dimension: 13.78" x 7.68" x 14.17"
Material: HIPS, Ceramic bowl
Food storage: 3.5L
Applicable scope: Cats or small dogs

RFID Feeder:
Dimension: 9.45" x 9.45" x 6.1"
Material: ABS, Ceramic bowl
Applicable scope: Cats or small dogs

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Feeder Fresh 2: Fresh 2 - Luxury
RFID Feeder: RFID Feeder
Automatic Feeding

Automatic Feeding

Never worry about your cat missing a meal again! Keep your furry friend well-fed even when you're not around.

One Cat One Bowl

Right Cat Right Bowl

Provide individualized feeding for every cat with their exclusive feeder, complete with personalized and nourishing meals. No chance for other pets to snatch a nibble.

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor Real Time Feeding Status

Record feeding habits and generate health reports for each cat.

4L Capacity

4L Large Capacity

A total of 5 lbs of food can support an adult cat for 15-20 days.

CATLINK RFID Pet Feeder - Standard

Dual Food Compartments

In a single bowl.


What type of battery to choose for the spare battery of the feeder?

The backup power supply of the Feeder Fresh 2 needs to use 4 AA batteries.

The RFID Feeder uses 4 1.5V C Cell batteries

How big is the food storage bucket of the Feeder Fresh 2?

The capacity of the bucket of the feeder is 4L, and it can hold 2.5-3 kg of cat food at most (depending on the type of cat food). According to the cat’s normal daily diet of 80-100g, it can last for one month.

How big is the bowl of the RFID Feeder and how much cat food can it hold?

The single bowl of the feeder is 200ml, and the two bowls have a total capacity of 400ml.

What is the material of the bowl?

The material of the bowl of Fresh 2 is ceramic.

The RFID Feeder' material is food grade ABS and BPA free.