RFID Feeder

What type of battery to choose for the spare battery of the RFID Feeder?

The feeder uses 4 1.5V C Cell batteries.

How big is the bowl of the Feeder and how much cat food can it hold?

The single bowl of the feeder is 200ml, and the two bowls have a total capacity of 400ml.

There are many cats in the family, how many Feeders should I buy?

If all the cats in your family have exactly the same diet, and there is no such thing as grabbing food, you can only buy one for sharing. If cats need customized feeding requirements, and each cat needs to eat different amounts or/and different types of cat food, then you need to equip each cat with its own feeder.

What does the RFID Feeder rely on to identify different cats?

Cats need to wear a collar with an RFID chip (included in the package). After approaching the feeder, the feeder will read the chip information to identify the cat.

What is the material of the bowl?

The material of the bowl is food grade ABS and BPA free.