CATLINK Feeding and Drinking Set - RFID Feeder & AI Water Fountain

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Experience the ultimate convenience in pet care with the CATLINK Feeding and Drinking Set.

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Feeder: RFID Feeder
Water Fountain: Water Fountain - Wireless
Product Details

Elevate your pet care with the CATLINK Feeding and Drinking Set, featuring the RFID Feeder and AI Water Fountain. The RFID Feeder ensures personalized, portion-controlled meals, preventing food competition and supporting each pet's nutritional needs. The AI Water Fountain provides fresh, filtered water, promoting hydration and well-being.

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RFID Feeder:
Dimension: 9.45" x 9.45" x 6.1"
Material: ABS, Ceramic bowl
Applicable scope: Cats or small dogs

Water Fountain:
Dimension: 5.31" x 10.31" x 6.69"
Material: ABS
Capacity: 2.3L

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Feeder: RFID Feeder
Water Fountain: Water Fountain - Wireless
One Cat One Bowl

Right Cat Right Bowl

Provide individualized feeding for every cat with their exclusive feeder, complete with personalized and nourishing meals. No chance for other pets to snatch a nibble.

Fresh and Flowing Water

Fresh and Flowing Water

Make sure every sip is pure and health, and also encourage them to drink more water regularly.

CATLINK RFID Pet Feeder - Standard

Dual Food Compartments

In a single bowl.

400ml Capacity

Equals to 200g dry food. Completely satisfy the energy for one day.

Smart App Monitoring

Observes cat's drinking frequency, volume, and duration with CATLINK APP. Reminder of water shortage and filter status.


What type of battery to choose for the spare battery of the feeder?

The RFID Feeder uses 4 1.5V C Cell batteries

What is the material of the bowl?

The RFID Feeder' material is food grade ABS and BPA free.

How much water does the Water Fountain hold?

The water storage capacity of the bucket is 2.3L, and the water storage capacity of the plate is 145ml.

What is the main material of the Water Fountain?

The main material of the Water Fountain - Wired/Wireless is food grade AB.

How often do I need to change the filter?

The filter is a daily consumable item that requires regular replacement. The recommended replacement interval for the filter element is every 60 days, and it is advisable to clean it with fresh water once every 7 days.